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Welcome to Dino’s Barbering!

Having worked in hair care and hair design for years, I have experience with all types of hair. I’m proud to offer my customers a wide range of hairstyles, clean shaves and beard trims that reflect their individuality and personal taste.


#1 Normal Heights Barber Shop

Located inside Barber Side of Normal Heights, Dino’s Barbering is your local hair authority. Providing all kinds of modern and innovative services when it comes to haircuts. 

San Diego’s best barber services for adults and also kids’ haircuts.


Haircut - $25

Need a new look, fresh style, or simply a cleanup? At Dino’s Barbering, I’ve got you covered. Give your hair the attention it deserves with my premium haircut service.


Beard Trim - $15

Whether you're looking for a clean-up or a new shape, your beard needs are covered. All services come with straight razor work.

hot towel

Hot Towel Shave - $30

My most luxurious service is the two-pass hot towel shave. Includes two hot towels, warm lather, and oil treatment.

Serving consistent cuts and quality styles every time

  • Tue - Fri: 10am - 7pm
  • Sat: 11am - 7pm
  • Sun: Appointment Only


Haircut is one of the most popular services at our barbershop. Professional barbers are always waiting for you. Take your time – get a new haircut!

  • Classic haircut

The classic haircut is one of the most popular services at the barbershop. All haircuts come with a straight razor line-up.

Beard trim

Dino will give your beard that sharp edge and required style. No matter what you have a goatee or full beard, a straight razor in the hand of a professional is a good combination for great possibilities.

Hair line up

Perfect grooming is surly one of the features of a successful man. The main signature of a good grooming is a well defined, clean look. Want to make the best impression? Let Dino help you. He is always ready to take care of hair, especially when it comes to hair clean line up.

Hot towel shave

Real hot towel shave is for modern kings. A oil massage together with hot lather and hot towel treatment. An ultra close razor shave will make you look and feel like a member of royal family. It is truly a luxurious treatment.

If you are in the University Heights, Hillcrest, North Park, or Normal Heights area, schedule your appointment today!


"I love when my boyfriend comes home from getting his haircut! The gel smells so good, he just looks so cute and it’s he has the certain just cut look! “We found this gem of a shop on Adams ave in Normal Heights” My sister told me this where her husband went and sat with Dino. You won’t be disappointed with his work! Highly recommended by me and my family."
- Katie B.

"I brought my son to Dino for a fresh cut for an upcoming wedding. This was our first time visiting him so I was a bit nervous but he did not disappoint! Dino made sure my son was comfortable and that he was going to look great. Dino is very talented and knows what he’s doing. I’m very happy and we will definitely be back for spring school pictures.
Thanks again!"

- Cara Dodaro

"Dino is in the heart of Normal Heights on Adams ave inside the Barberside barbershop. I’ve been to this shop a few times the cuts were always decent. Then one day I got to sit with Dino. The level of attention and detail this guy has is unmatched! I am never looking back. With the convenient location and easy booking system it is such a smooth experience. I always feel like a million bucks when I leave Dino’s chair. Thanks Dino you are the man!"
- Joshua Robert

"I've tried a lot of barbers in my day. I have very high standards and I'm picky when it comes to my hair. Dino sets the standard! Never got a bad cut from him. He's extremely efficient and highly skilled. After I’m done I often ask him, “Did you cut the top”? Not because it looks bad, but because I was so engaged in conversation that I practically forgot I was getting a haircut. It’s a high quality service with a high quality individual. Give Dino your business you won’t be sorry!"
- Guillermo Vargas

"I live in Hillcrest and wanted a classic haircut that wasn't flashy, but wanted to make sure it was clean and an affordable price. Luckily, I found Dino in Normal Heights and am go glad I took a couple minutes' worth of a drive to get my hair cut by him. He's been a barber for over 6 years and you can tell by his clean lines and expert craftsmanship. The conversation was great as well!

My hair grows fast and I get a taper in the back so I'll be back to see him in a week. In fact, I've already scheduled my next appointment with him online because he has this cool online scheduling app that shows his availability. Definitely a time saver!"
- Jessie Canfield


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